Funded Patient Programs

Rancho Los Amigos Foundation provides private funding for more than 30 innovative Rancho patient programs, many of which are directed by former patients. 

Wheelchair Sports

Education and encouraging a love for learning is instilled throughout the Wheelchair Sports Program at every level. The program has a proven track record in academic achievement where participants graduate from college with bachelor’s and master’s degrees at a rate more than three times higher than their counterparts with orthopedic disabilities. Not only does the Rancho Wheelchair Sports Program emphasize physical fitness and skill development, but academic achievement is also incorporated into every practice and meeting. The Rancho Wheelchair Sports Program has proven an effective mechanism for reintegration to society through athletic accomplishment as well as academic success. 


Performing & Visual Arts

Art encourages the discovery of new connections, relationships and meanings in a safe and non-judgmental atmosphere; which in turn provides patients with alternative perspectives on life and relationships with others. Our visual and performing art programs work in multifaceted ways involving the whole person, including sensory-motor, perceptual, cognitive, emotional, physical, social and spiritual aspects. We offer Pediatric Art Program, Adult Art Program, Artists on the rise, Performing Arts of Rancho, and the Art of Rancho. Through these programs, pediatric and adult patients express themselves in ways never thought before.


Quality of Life

More than a hospital, we offer programs that help patients gain a sense of independence and life. Through programs such as Rancho Works, Rancho Restorative Gardens, Driver Education & Training Program, and Language & Cultural Center help our patients learn resources and skills to help them excel in potential job creation and hobbies. Programs like our Know Barriers Peer Mentors encourages our patients to help one another while the Don Knabe Wellness Center, Adaptive Outdoor Adventure Programs, offer exercise and physical well-being to our patients.


Technology & Innovation

Technology and Innovation help our patients learn how to use apparatuses that make the lives of patients easier and more worth while. Programs that involve apparatuses to help patients live easier. Our RoboCamp, C.A.R.T., Robotics and New Engineer Tech Lab all help our patients reach these goals.