Wheelchair Basketball

Developed in 1987, the Rancho Wheelchair Sports Program provides Rancho patients with the opportunity to participate in success-oriented, competitive wheelchair basketball. With the various basketball team divisions the program is geared to patients of all degrees of disabilities.

The Rancho Wheelchair Sports Program aspires to assist each participant in the development of lifetime physical fitness behaviors, which can improve the overall quality of life and increase longevity. Competing in wheelchair sports improves physical skill development while also promoting social and cognitive development. To this end, the seasoned athletes continue to serve as role models/peer tutors for our younger or newly injured participants.

Many of Rancho's wheelchair sports teams and athletes are among the best in the nation, often ranking in the top 5. More importantly however, our athletes are becoming educated, goal-oriented, independent, and productive members of society.

Please Contact us for more information:

Tiffany Yonemoto,
Rancho Los Amigos Recreation Therapy Wheelchair Sports Program Lead
Telephone: (562) 385-6322
Email: tyonemoto@dhs.lacounty.gov

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