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Individuals, whose lives have forever been changed through disabling injuries or illnesses (spinal cord injuries, acute brain injuries, stroke, neurological disorders, etc.), come to Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center to experience the Restoration of their Health, the Rebuilding of their Lives, and the Revitalization of their Hope.  If you are one of those individuals, we’d like you to share your story of hope and healing with us.

By sharing your story, others like you will find comfort in knowing they are not alone!

Be confident. We want to hear your story and share it with our Rancho Los Amigos family. If you’re unsure of where to start, focus on your diagnosis/injury and your journey to recovery, how it changed your life and what you think everyone should know.

Be open. This is an opportunity for you to share your story with a community of men, women and children who understand your triumphs and struggles. While it can be difficult to get personal, these details are what make your story unique.

Be concise. While every detail of your story is important, we suggest keeping it between 300-500 words.

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