New Emerging Technology Lab

The purpose of the Emerging Technology Lab (ETL) is to explore the use of emerging technology in the field of rehabilitation and assistive technology as it pertains to patients with disabilities at Rancho and CART.  The lab functions as a “living laboratory” for this new technology, with direct patient and staff feedback which is utilized by staff to make necessary modifications and/or recommendations to device manufacturers related to accessibility. The ETL acts as a “think tank” to foster innovation on new tech projects within Rancho.

Current technologies the lab is working with include:

  • Google Glass
  • Project Tango
  • Myo Gesture Armand
  • Google Cardboard
  • 3D Printing
  • Apple Watch and other wearables

The ETL recently partnered with Caltech to co-teach the course "Design for Independence from Disability". Students worked together in developing assistive technology for people with disabilities. An article was published in the Pasadena Star News which gave an overview of the course:

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