LA Opera Connects & The Rancho Los Amigos Foundation’s Partnership Programs

Music In Therapy

“Singing with someone from the LA Opera is an escape from the pain of a patient’s injury or illness, and the loneliness of being in the hospital. Through their interaction with the LA Opera, patients are transported to a time filled with happy memories, as they choose from an expanded menu of song selections.” – Wendy Burton, Chief of Communication Disorders

Launched in 2021, the Foundation’s Music in Therapy program connects LA Opera vocalists with patients at Rancho through virtual, bedside visits to enhance their regular, inpatient speech therapy sessions. Working in tandem with their speech therapist, this program is open to all patients in the hospital regardless of type of injury.  These one-on-one sessions transcend generational and social backgrounds to uplift, inspire joy, and enhance the overall recovery of Rancho’s patients.

Other LA Opera Connects Partnership Programs At Rancho


Performing Arts Ensemble

Established in 2001, this special group of out-patients have been pursuing and growing their artistic talents over the years; many living out life-long dreams of singing and performing in front of audiences in the local community and for other Rancho patients. Participation in this ensemble helps patients reintegrate into the community by becoming more self-confident and independent. Their shows and recitals help inspire other traumatic injury patients, and bring hope that they too can recover and pursue their dreams.

LA Opera Connects has proudly supported the Performing Arts Ensemble since 2019 by providing group coaching; they are in the process of expanding to include one-on-one coaching sessions.

Learn more about the Performing Arts Ensemble by CLICKING HERE.

Holiday Caroling

There is nothing like hearing carolers sing Jingle Bells or Frosty the Snowman to put you in the holiday spirit.

Every year, LA Opera Connects sends a talented ensemble of LA Opera performers to Rancho to lift the spirits of our patients and staff. Moving through the halls and even into patient rooms, the carolers sing all the holiday classics and take requests from patients to make sure that all winter holidays are celebrated.

In a time that can be difficult and lonely for patients, seeing the exuberant and talented carolers goes a long way in raising spirits and bringing joy to the entire hospital.

Music to Remember

Music helps us connect to each other, our community and even to our own inner selves. Music to Remember is inspired by the powerful (and scientifically proven) role that music plays in restoring the body, soul and memory. These weekly, virtual recitals with LA Opera Connects teaching artist Nandani Sinha stimulate remembrance and gently invite reflection through familiar and beloved songs. Joyful interaction and singing-along throughout the session is highly encouraged!

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