Artists of Rancho – Michael Morales

Michael Morales has been naturally artistic his entire life.  He owned a tee-shirt silk screening business where he designed logos and created original artistic images for clients. With his wife, he created and co-ran an art gallery and ecological handcrafted gift shop in Redondo Beach for 21 years until he suffered a debilitating stroke in November 2014.  Once discharged from Rancho, Michael began participating in many of Rancho’s outpatient activities and it was as if something reawakened inside of him artistically. Even though it was extremely difficult following directions and answering questions due to his aphasia, he began trusting his innate creative abilities and developed a distinctive style that incorporates thousands of tiny dots to create images.  Michael particularly enjoys the creative freedom of painting using his non-dominant hand.

*The year-round adult and pediatric patient art program is fully funded through the Rancho Los Amigos Foundation.

100% of the purchase price goes directly to the artist.

Contact Royce Morales for all billing, shipping, and artwork related questions at

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