Artists of Rancho – Ann Ruth

Ann Ruth, a founding member of Rancho’s art program, is a thoughtful and accomplished artist who uses her oil paintings to depict life moments that are positive, colorful, and enjoyable.  She began painting early in her life (after a gymnastic accident left her paralyzed at the age of 5), when a family friend introduced her to this type of art, and she continued her journey through the visual arts program* at Rancho.  Ann is a member of the internationally acclaimed Mouth & Foot Painting Artists Association and uses her work to stay present in the moment and block out negative distractions of the day, which allows her to focus solely on designing and creativity.  She is drawn to an impressionist style and enjoys painting nature, sailboats, and flowers.  Vincent Van Gogh provides much of her inspiration.

*The year-round adult and pediatric patient art program is fully funded through the Rancho Los Amigos Foundation.


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